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Flavors to Savor, Dining Guide

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2019 Distribution

Visitors Center – 9,930

Leisure Requests – 1,092

Group Travel Planners – 88

Wedding Planners / Brides – 77

Lodging Properties – 800

Digital Impressions – 7,629

2020 Distribution

Visitors Center – 5,076

Leisure Requests – 974

Group Travel Planners – 37

Wedding Planners / Brides – 77

Lodging Properties – NA

Digital Impressions – 6,010

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2019 Average Monthly Views

2020 Average Monthly Views

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Interactive Touch Screens

BrownCounty.com is on a touch screen display in the Visitors Center. If a visitor is browsing the website and wants more information on a business they find, we can print off the business listing and mark its location on either an Our Brown County or Brown County Almanack map.

Dining Menu Book

Visitors are always asking, “Where should we eat?

Our book of menus, available in the Visitors Center, allows visitors to browse local dining menus and get a feel for your food. Send us your new menu when you update seasonally!

Group Friendly Marketing Opportunities

Brown County also caters to group travel. Visitors Center staff assists group travel, wedding, tour, reunion, corporate meeting and retreat planners.

Is your business Group Friendly? Let us know what types of services you offer to large groups or weddings!

The visitors center can send your business regular sales leads via email, allowing your business to connect directly with travel coordinators who are requesting more information from businesses who can accommodate their specific needs.

Submit your business information to be included on BrownCounty.com and in CVB marketing materials and/or to update your existing business listing.