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The wonders of Brown County can be navigated with our HD, large-format displays just inside the Visitors Center.

Visitors looking for your shop can find it with ease and print your listing off, right here in-house.

We can then use an Our Brown County or Brown County Almanack map to mark your location and send them on their way.

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2019 Average Monthly Views

2020 Average Monthly Views

“Where should we stay?”

A popular question.

In addition to our Getaway Guide we keep track of weekend room availability.

To fulfill this need, properties are sent an email on Tuesdays reminding them share their availability with us.

To be on our staff’s go-to list for last-minute travelers, let us know so we can fill those rooms!

Running a special promotion?

Have a holiday package?

Save the longer you stay?

Let us know and we will share it on our Lodging Specials page which is regularly used in our Visitors Center.

Brown County Getaway Guide

Not only a popular Visitors Center resource, but a helpful planning tool visitors love.

There is no cost to be included, we just ask that you keep your information with us up to date.

Those with an active listing on at time of print will automatically be included. Our Getaway Guide is updated every 12 – 18 months. Subscribe to be notified of the next update.

2019 Distribution

Visitor Center – 6,033

Welcome Centers – 4,000

Indianapolis Airport – 2,000

AAA Offices – 1,300

Leisure Requests – 1,092

Group Travel Planners – 88

Wedding Planners / Brides – 77

Tradeshows – 1,000

Outdoor Rec Shops – 500

Digital Impressions – 7,422

2020 Distribution

Visitor Center – 2,097

Welcome Centers – 1,100

Indianapolis Airport – 1,200

AAA Offices – 600

Leisure Requests – 974

Group Travel Planners – 37

Wedding Planners / Brides – 77

Tradeshows – NA

Outdoor Rec Shops – NA

Digital Impressions – 5,427

Group Friendly Marketing Opportunities

Brown County also caters to group travel. Visitors Center staff assists group travel, wedding, tour, reunion, corporate meeting and retreat planners.

Is your business Group Friendly? Let us know what types of services you offer to large groups or weddings!

The visitors center can send your business regular sales leads via email, allowing your business to connect directly with travel coordinators who are requesting more information from businesses who can accommodate their specific needs.

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