Holiday Gift Guide

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are putting together an online gift guide featuring you, our small business owner.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s free.

  • Take a picture (square or landscape orientation) of the 1 item you would like to promote.
  • Provide a brief description of the item.
  • Share other holiday information a visitor should know.
  • Tell us your small business story by answering a few questions.

The Small Business Gift Guide will be featured on our Holiday Page and shared on social media.


Give theses questions some thought before submit your item.

  • Product description including price
  • Date business opened?
  • Why did you choose Brown County to open your business?
  • How did you get started in your line of work?
  • How would you describe your customer?
  • Why do your customers choose you over your competition?
  • What makes your small business unique?