Board of Directors

Board Members and Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors

Debbie Bartes, Chair (Email Debbie)

Greg Fox , Vice Chair (Email Greg)

Tyra Miller, Treasurer (Email Tyra)

Shelly Hayes, Secretary (Email Shelly)

Christian Webb, Chamber of Commerce Rep (Email Christian)

Doug Baird (Email Doug)

Vickie Blake (Email Vickie)

Carol Fitzgerald (Email Carol)

Bruce Gould, (Email Bruce)

Missy Myers (Email Missy)

Kim Robinson (Email Kim)

Danielle Wolter-Nolan (Email Danielle)

Tourism Commission

Kevin Ault (Email Kevin)

Barry Herring (Email Barry)

Derek Clifford (Email Derek)

Jim Shultz (Email Jim)

Lance Miller (Email Lance)

2021 Board Meeting Schedule

Click here to download a PDF of the 2021 Board Meeting Schedule.