Salt Creek Winery Tasting Room

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Address:26 North Honeysuckle Lane , Nashville, IN 47448

Treat your taste buds to the wonderful wine at Salt Creek Winery’s downtown Nashville tasting room! From all the classics like mouthwatering Merlot and refreshing Riesling to more unconventional fruit flavors such as Red Raspberry, Blueberry, and Black Currant, you’re sure to love Salt Creek Winery’s wondrous wine selection. Using only the finest ingredients and made locally in Freetown, Indiana, Salt Creek’s quality wines are minimally processed for the best and most natural flavor you can find. In fact, their wines are only filtered when it’s absolutely necessary for shelf life and their fruit wines are made with 100% fruit, no concentrates added!

Check out the winery’s upstairs vacation rental, Salt Creek Wine Loft.


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