Knobstone Trail

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The 48-mile Knobstone Trail is Indiana’s longest natural surface foot path. Connected with other nearby trails, it can be up to 150 miles! It is a popular backcountry trail that runs along high ridges which offer great views across the wooded hills of southern Indiana, and on clear days, even glimpses of Louisville and the Ohio River!

The path is named after the unique Knobstone escarpment (or slope) of land over which it runs, which is apparent when viewing a southern Indiana topography map. The path is very well-blazed, and every mile is marked with a brown numbered sign, which allows for easy reference, navigation, and check of progress.

Before embarking on any Knobstone hiking trip, it is strongly recommended to check the DNR’s website, where they post trail closures or re-routes due to environmental conditions or temporary forest management operations.

North Half of Trail Map South Half of Trail Map

Download a map set with commentary, data book, gpx file and town guide here.

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