Knobstone Hiking Trail

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The Knobstone Hiking Trail is a 160-mile trail along the landmark Knobstone escarpment in one of the most rugged and scenic areas of the South Central Midwest, on the high bluffs of the forested corridor between Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. The KHT consists of four sections,  Knobstone (south, 45 miles), Pioneer (South middle, 37.9), Hoosier National Forest (North middle, 28.4), and Tecumseh (north, 42.7-miles).

The trail is narrow and rugged; great changes in elevation make it a real challenge. It climbs deep into valleys cut into the escarpment by creeks and rivers over millions of years. Folks often refer to the KHT as a “little AT,” as it is plenty steep and winding, suitable preparation for doing miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Before embarking on any Knobstone hiking trip, it is strongly recommended to check the DNR’s website, where they post trail closures or re-routes due to environmental conditions or temporary forest management operations.


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