Fall in Brown County

When Mother Nature Paints the Hills

Best Ways to View Fall Foliage

When to Visit

Brown County is well known for the magic Mother Nature brings to its trees, and fall road trips to Brown County have become an annual tradition for many. From chilly mid-September evenings that spark the desire for a campfire, to the undeniable energy only October can bring, to crisp November days that warm you up for early holiday shopping, a Chocolate Walk and our Hilly Half Marathon, Oh Hill Yes!… Fall in Brown County never disappoints.

For smaller crowds, consider a weekday trip. The longer you stay, the more you save. LEARN MORE

When Is Peak Color?

Leaves can change their color from as early as late September all the way through early November. Historically, the third week of October is noticed to be the busiest time to visit to see the leaves. However, over the past several years, the leaves have peaked a bit later in October and have kept good color lasting into early November.

Mother Nature has her magic under way in late September with hints of color spattered about. The color will intensify throughout October, then tone down through early November.

Visit our leaf cam often and check out the Fall Foliage Map and Nationwide Peak Leaf Forecast to make your own predictions on when the leaves will peak this year.

Leaf Cam

Leaf cam is visiting the Brown County State Park.

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Mary is an amazing artist, graphic designer and social media wiz. Stop by and she her and her fun loving Mom in October. There will be such wonderful art. Don't miss it!


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