Eclipse Comes Naturally

2024 Eclipse in Brown County

On April 8th, 2024, Brown County will play host to one of nature’s most impressive phenomena: a total eclipse. This particular eclipse is a rare and spectacular celestial event that is sure to captivate stargazers and astronomers alike. During the lead-up to the eclipse, we will have guest speakers, eclipse activities for all, and thousands of visitors ready to stare off into space. Here are some things to look forward to:

  • This eclipse is a total solar eclipse, meaning that the moon will completely block the sun, creating a stunning visual effect known as the “corona.”
  • The eclipse will last for approximately two minutes and thirty seconds.
  • Viewing a solar eclipse requires proper eye protection, so it’s important to plan ahead and obtain certified eclipse glasses or a solar filter for your telescope.
  • Total solar eclipses offer a unique opportunity for scientists to study the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, which is otherwise difficult to observe due to the sun’s intense brightness.
  • Solar eclipses have held cultural and spiritual significance for many civilizations throughout history, and continue to inspire awe and wonder in people around the world.
  • Stay tuned for viewing parties, build-up seminars, and how you can be involved!