7 Vista Challenge

Participate & Win! October 2 - November 14, 2021

What’s the best way to see one of America’s most majestic forests? Complete The Seven Vista Challenge in Brown County State Park!

This fall, we’ve teamed up with the Brown County Art Gallery to deliver an artistic stroke to the state park’s 7 Vista Challenge.

Brown County State Park, Indiana’s Crown Jewel, Collector’s Showcase

From majestic hills kissed by the sun, sparking creeks, brilliant fall colors, and snow landscapes, prizewinning artist Tim Greatbatch has captured them all in his 2-year exploration of the park.

The 7 Vista Challenge – Through the Eyes of Brown County Artist, Tim Greatbatch

The Brown County State Park has partnered with Tim to share his work through the 7 Vista Challenge.

The Visitors Center is excited to commemorate this partnership with a special addition 7 Vistas t-shirt and autographed print giveaway.

Here’s how! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.Head to Brown County Art Gallery to see the 2021 Collector’s Showcase: Brown County State Park, Indiana’s Crown Jewel. Snap a selfie and post on Instagram with #BC7VistaChallenge.

2. Head to Brown County State Park to complete the 7 Vista Challenge by visiting all seven vistas and taking a photo in the wooden picture frames. Post your photo at each vista on social media with hashtag #BC7VistaChallenge

3. Stop in the Brown County Visitors Center in Nashville to claim your 7 Vista t-shirt (while supplies lasts) and enter to win an autographed print.

Take home this limited time only Tim Greatbatch t-shirt (while supplies lasts.)

Enter to win an autographed 40 x 32 print by Brown County artist, Tim Greatbatch.

West Lookout Tower, Vista #1

This two-story tower overlooking a deep valley is the perfect stop for a glorious Brown County sunset.

It was fashioned after structures built for surveyors who were working in the area.

Map makers lived in the upper level while horses and livestock were stabled below.

Summer Evening, West Lookout

This evening view is from the upper level of the tower in late July (2019).

What caught Tim’s eye were the variety of colors resent in this summer setting.

The sun’s light created a patchwork modulation of color over the distant hills, while additional warms were tossed upon the sloping front tree line and passing clouds.

Hesitation Point, Vista #2

Without hesitation, this breathtaking vista known for its picturesque views is the most popular in Brown County State Park.

See the horizon in the distance? It’s about 5 miles away!

Enjoy a leisurely picnic followed by an invigorating hike on the nearby trails.

Summer View, Hesitation Point

This work was developed from numerous visits in July and August (2019).

Tim is standing amid the picnic tables with the sun still high enough to catch the tops of the various tree lines.

He spent much more time on the colors and textures of the hills than the bands of color in the sky. If you have not witnessed a summer sunset at this vista, you should add it to your bucket list.

Friends Trail, Vista #3

You can’t beat the spectacular view from the 90-ft. park fire tower.

Did you know it’s the highest point in the entire county (1,058 ft. above sea level)?

Plus, you can find the park’s original West Gatehouse along The Friends Trail, a paved, wheelchair-accessible trail located nearby.

It’s the perfect trail for kids!

Friends Trail Vista

The mid-October (2020) setting produced a morning sky filled with pinks near the horizon.

Tim included the strong verticals of the trees at left as a counterbalance to the horizontals of the deck rails. The easy, short hike to this vista makes it a popular choice for young families.

Weed Patch Hill, Vista #4

This area was prime real estate for early farming families. In fact, a family of 10 lived here in the late 1800s; early photos show an orchard and garden near the cabin.

Wondering how this hill got its unusual name?

Two theories exist: some think an early settler named it after a tornado ravaged the area and weeds grew back where trees once stood. Others think a band of Kentucky hunters named it because all the weeds afforded them good hunting.

Regardless, you’ll find the view fantastic.

Hills Colors

In this early morning scene from late October (2019), the fall colors were nearly at their peak – and the early snow was only about a week away.

With the exceptions of the muted sky and horizon, this canvas was executed with a small palette knife.

Nature Center, Vista #5

Take in a magnificent view of Strahl Lake Valley from the Nature Center’s observation deck, a popular destination for outdoor weddings.

Catch a glimpse of birds and animals at the wildlife pond. Hop on the half-mile Discovery Trail for an easy hike.

Or stop in the Nature Center to explore interactive exhibits featuring bees, turtles, snakes and more.

Kids love it here!

Observation Deck at Strahl Lake

This late afternoon view is from the end of August (2019). The angle of the sun cast deep shadows on the deck and trees at right.

While the vista plays a small role in the composition of this work, the setting always seems to invite visitors to take a peek. In this moment, a young couple takes a selfie while an older gentleman reads about the history of the valley.

CCC, Vista #6

CCC Vista Logo for Brown County 7 Vista Challenge

This stunning overlook captures the beauty of nature as far as the eye can see.

It has an interesting history too! It is named in honor of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a group of World War I veterans who set up their camp here in the 1930s while working in Brown County State Park.

They were responsible for building many of the structures, lakes and roads that are still found in the park!

Sumac and Shadows

This work is from late October (2019).

It was a beautiful autumn day in the Park and the mid- morning view catches the fall colors at their peak. A group of sumac occupy the central front tree line, while the sun (high to left) casts shadows across the lawn and foliage.

Hohen Point, Vista #7

Hohen Point Vista Logo number 7 of the 7 Vista Challenge

Revel in scenic views of rolling terrain from this vista.

Named after either Frank Hohenberger, a well-known artist who spent 47 years photographing Brown County, or the German word “höhen,” meaning high ground.

This terrain is typical of southern Indiana due to unglaciated sandstone.

Autumn Morning, Hohen Point

This vista provided some of the best and earliest fall color in 2019.

The soft morning light of October 28th revealed wonderful pastels in the distant hills – especially varied shades of pink.

These muted pinks transition to the large crop of sumac that run along the front tree line. The tall foreground grasses, partially in shadow, added contrasting texture and brush work, while some dark (shaded) saplings anchor the left foreground.

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Maples. Dogwoods. Sycamores. Redbuds. They’re all in Brown County State Park! And don’t miss The 7 Vista Challenge! Post photos of all 7 vistas using #BC7VistaChallenge and get a gift at the Visitors Center in Nashville! Visit 7VistaChallenge.com, link in bio!⠀⠀
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Looking for an outdoor adventure? Enjoy a scenic drive along the winding roads of Brown County State Park and take in 7 magnificent views of the lush forest. Stop by the Visitors Center in Nashville to learn about The 7 Vista Challenge! #BC7VistaChallenge. Visit 7VistaChallenge.com, link in bio!⠀⠀
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