Zippin’ and Zoomin’ at eXplore Brown County

Imagine being nearly 70 feet in the air, traveling at speeds around 40 mph, strapped in only by a harness. Seems pretty scary, right?! Or maybe you think it sounds fun. Either way, that’s exactly what it’s like at eXplore Brown County on their zip line tour adventures.

Being the thrill seeker and roller coaster lover that I am, I was definitely on board when some of my fellow co-workers at the CVB mentioned zip lining at eXplore Brown County.

Having zip lined only once before, which was several years ago, I was excited to try it out again. Especially since I had heard that eXplore Brown County is home to the tallest, fastest, and longest twin racing zip line in the state!

While I understand that maybe not everyone else feels the same as I do about adventurous activities, it seems like they have plenty of zipping options at eXplore Brown County for all to enjoy. With 15 world-class zip lines, anyone from the youngsters to Grandma B (and even those who are less inclined to adventure) can zoom through the treetops.

I was also really looking forward to zip lining in Brown County simply because of all the beautiful and lush scenery. What better way to admire the rolling hills and wooded landscape than being right in the middle of it!

Heading out to eXplore Brown County with Brooke, Nikki, and James, I could tell I was in store for a fun day. After checking in at the zip lining headquarters, we were fitted for our gear. Harnesses, helmets, straps, and lots of carabineers later, we were officially ready to zip. One things for sure…I wasn’t going to go anywhere once I was all hooked in to the cables!

Feeling secure and ready to take on the trees, we boarded our ride to the first zip line—an old military truck. How cool! It’s not every day that you get to see something like that, much less take it for a ride. Climbing a steep grade into the hills of Brown County, we arrived at our destination.

Before we could go zip, our guides for the day took some time to demonstrate and explain how everything was going to work up in the air, on the platforms while waiting, and on the zip lines themselves. They were very informative and it seemed like they really made sure we all felt comfortable, which was a good thing considering what we were about to get ourselves into!

Feeling both excited and a little nervous now that it was finally time to zip, we walked to our first platform. High in the sky, the wood platform completely surrounded the tree so that we could all huddle around and wait for our turn. Watching as a couple of others zoomed through the trees, it was finally my time to go. Listening for my cue from the guides, I approached the edge of the platform. Heart pounding and adrenaline pumping, I stepped off…

Any nervous feelings I had were instantly gone as I began my descent through the trees to the next platform. Speeding through the air, I felt free as the wind rushed past me and I was engulfed in the beautiful green leaves. The cleared out area around the zip line let me take in all the nature that was around me…so many trees! Somehow it was both thrilling and peaceful all at the same time.

Speeding into the next platform, the guides made sure I stopped just in time for a perfect landing. Immediately I was ready for the next one! As our group made our way through a series of zip lines, each one different in its length and its view, it was obvious that we had settled in to the experience and were having a whole lot of fun. Some of us tried zipping backwards, while others would spin mid-air to check out the scenery. We even zipped with no hands, sitting back and relaxing in our harness just enjoying the ride.

Pretty soon we had come to our last zip line for the day…the Screamer! The Goliath of all zip lines on the property, the Screamer is eXplore Brown County’s pride and joy. A quarter of a mile long, this zip line is the fastest you’ll find there too! Not to mention it’s a dual zip line…of course, racing your fellow zipper to the other side is always encouraged.

Stepping up on the Screamer’s large platform, it seemed like there was no end to the cable stretching across the valley below. Far off in the distance I could faintly see the other platform and my final destination.

1, 2, 3, and we were off…racing through the air, accelerating with every foot we traveled. Falling behind my zipping competitor, James, there was no hope for me to win so I just took some time to soak in the experience and my surroundings. So much natural beauty everywhere and such an exhilarating way to see it, I think I could zip line every day!

As the ending platform got closer and closer, I prepared for my landing, secretly hoping there were more zip lines ahead to conquer. Ending our zip line tour close to the office, we returned our equipment and looked at the pictures our guides took of us on the trip. Talk about some funny faces! Feeling refreshed, energized, and glad I was able to see what zip lining at eXplore Brown County was all about, we headed back to the Village.

What a great experience and so much fun! Needless to say I’ll be going back for another zipping adventure another day. Maybe next time I’ll be able to check out some of the other activities there are at eXplore Brown County too, including hiking, mountain biking, paintball, ATV tours, and more!

Check out the video of our zip lining experience and make sure you stop by eXplore Brown County the next time you’re visiting for a real Brown County adventure!

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat:
2620 Valley Branch Road, Nashville, IN 47448
Open Mondays, Wednesdays – Sundays (closed on Tuesdays)

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