Covered Bridges in Brown County

The Indiana Covered Bridge Loop is 9 different covered bridges spread throughout 6 counties in Central Indiana. Brown County lucky to be home of two of the bridges in this loop. These two covered bridges are both beautiful and full of history.

The Ramp Creek Covered Bridge, built by Henry Wolf, has two great accomplishments.  It is the only double tunnel covered bridge in Indiana (and one of four in the U.S.) as well as the oldest covered bridge still standing in Indiana.  You can find this bridge at the north entrance of the Brown County State Park, crossing over Salt Creek.  What you probably didn’t know about this particular bridge is that although it was built in 1838 it was relocated in 1932 to where it is now.  Originally the bridge was in Putnam County.  When road construction would have left the structure dismantled, the decision was made to move it to Brown County (and we’re so happy about that decision).


The Bean Blossom Bridge (pictured first) crosses over Bean Blossom Creek on Covered Bridge Road (try saying that 5 times fast).  This beautiful covered bridge is in a gorgeous setting.  Built in 1880 by Captain Joseph Balsey for $1,175, this particular bridge is a very rare type and is one of three Howe Single Through Trusses to still exist. This bridge used to be on the main road to Nashville until State Road 135 bypassed it in 1936.  Because of its location so close to an artist colony, and the fact that it used to be on the main road into town, it is the subject of more covered bridge photographs and paintings than any in Indiana.See all of the covered bridges in the Fall 2013 issue of traveliN.  Indiana Covered Bridge Loop brochures are available in the Visitors Center or you can request to receive one here.

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