Brown County Music Center is a premium destination for entertainment, special events and of course music! With a seating arrangement that places the farthest seat at only 130 feet from the stage everyone in the house is guaranteed a spectacular view and unparalleled acoustics.

 The Music Center has been a project of passion for many of those who reside in Brown County due to the loss of the beloved Little Nashville Opry to a fire in 2009. Many of the community’s leaders have played a roll in getting the music center launched which gives it the true spirit of Brown County. Its focus is to be a center that brings joy to all who enter.

Unique features such as a scenic forest background, a gallery for local artists, a family garden and a beer garden make the Brown County Music Center a place for everyone to enjoy themselves.  Brown County Music Center plans to give back to its community by locally sourcing as many resources as possible while also distributing part of the profits to The Brown County Community Foundation to be distributed back to the community.


Board meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in the Salmon Room located in the County Office Building. See meeting schedule.

BCMC Management Group BCMC Building Corp
Kevin Ault, Tourism Commission
Diana Biddle, County Commissioner
Darren Byrd, County Council
Bruce Gould, CVB Board of Directors
Barry Herring, Tourism Commission
Jim Schultz, At Large
Mike Lafferty, At Large
Robyn Bowman
Mike Laros
Matt Gray

Brown County Music Center
200 Maple Leaf Boulevard
P.O. Box 35
Nashville, IN  47448

(812) 988-5323