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Press Releases

Brown County's Leaf Cam Now Available Online

September 19, 2017

It’s back! With the first official day of fall later this week, the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to announce that its ever-popular Leaf Cam is officially up and running!

Capturing the changing show of the leaves as they don their bright autumn colors, visitors can tune in to the Leaf Cam for a daily look at Brown County’s famous fall foliage.

With a new camera and new location, visitors will be able to experience Brown County’s beautiful foliage in all its glory. Providing picture perfect images, the new and improved Leaf Cam will generate crisp, clear footage from sun up to sun down…meaning more time to admire the stunning scenery.

This year the Leaf Cam has been placed high atop a cabin near the Bean Blossom overlook, offering a sprawling panorama of Brown County’s beloved forest. Capturing all the shades of fall, the Leaf Cam will refresh every 15 minutes, providing a real-time glimpse of the leaves as they transform.

Powered by Sensera Systems, a new feature of the Leaf Cam is the ability to view a time lapse video of all footage captured since it was installed. Just click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the Leaf Cam image and watch the fall season unfold.

With autumn just in reach comes the Brown County Visitors Center’s most asked fall question: “When is the peak time for the leaves to change?”

If only we knew! Pinpointing an exact date or even week that the leaves will reach their full color potential is easier said than done. Weather plays a major role in the changes each year, so as the weather is never the same, the time of year the leaves change always varies. Typically, mid-October is peak time. However, a wonderful array of color as early as late September stretching into the beginning of November can still be seen.

Tune in and watch the show for yourself on the new Leaf Cam! Experience Brown County’s famous foliage and see if you can predict the peak of the leaves this fall. The Leaf Cam can be found online at, as well as on the Discover Brown County app.

Also, stay tuned to the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Blog, for fall travel tips, a fun autumn to-do list, information on new businesses, and more!

For more information about Brown County, including fall attractions, events, and inquiries, please visit or call 812-988-7303. Fall photos also are available upon request.

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