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Press Releases

Brown County Proposes New Performing Arts Center to be Built

June 22, 2017

The Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in partnership with the Brown County Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) have announced a detailed plan for a brand new 2,000-seat indoor music venue to be built in Brown County.

For months, members of the Brown County CVB and CVC, along with select public officials have been exploring options to build a new performing arts center that will be county-owned and funded by innkeepers tax.

The proposed music venue, which as of now has been dubbed the Maple Leaf Performing Arts Center, will feature a wide range of music performances from a variety of genres. From rock and blues to country, jazz, bluegrass, and even pop, the plan is to work with a professional booking agency to attract big name acts that will appeal to a vast audience. The venue also could have the potential for other draws such as community functions, large corporate presentations, and more.

The projected price of building the proposed venue is $10.2 million to be paid off over 30 years. A bond payment of $560,000 annually will need to be made, which will be paid for by the CVB using innkeepers tax, a 5-percent tax on room and cabin rentals.

“We believe that the proposed Maple Leaf venue holds great potential for positive economic impact on the community,” said Jane Ellis, Executive Director of the Brown County CVB. “Not only will it help to enhance Brown County as a stronger regional draw and destination to visit; but in the end, our hopes are that it will make it a better place to live and work as well.”

Ellis who calls the proposed project a “creative use of innkeepers tax,” is excited for what lies ahead.

“We envision Maple Leaf as a hub of partnership and prosperity, fostering collaboration between community organizations, town and county government, and local residents who will reap the rewards,” said Ellis. “Not only could it become a vibrant asset to our community now, but it also could serve as solid foundation for future generations to come.”

While planning the project has begun, there are still many steps moving forward that must happen for the proposed idea to become a reality. Approval must be gained by several town, county, and community organizations/commissions for the project to continue. If all goes well and the proposed concept gets the nod it needs, the venue could be up and running as soon as spring of 2019.

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