Press Releases

Press Releases
Brown County always has new and exciting things happening. This section includes recent press releases that will keep you up-to-date on news worthy activities, events, businesses,etc. Keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter.

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Brown County Art Colony Weekend Pays Tribute to Area's Unique Arts Heritage, September 11-13

September 3, 2015

Steeped in rich art heritage, Brown County has and always will be a haven for artists. Drawn to the area’s breathtaking vistas, lush scenery, and interesting characters, artists migrated to the region nearly a century ago to establish their own art colony, one of the first of its kind in the Midwest. Remnants from the early colony can still be seen today throughout the county, manifested by the over 180 working artists who still call the area home. This September, Brown County will pay special tribute to its historic roots during the Brown County Art Colony Weekend.

Celebrating Craft Brews in Brown County at Hoosier Hops & Harvest, September 12

September 1, 2015

Local lagers, regional refreshments, area ales...there will be no shortage of spirits at the 6th annual Hoosier Hops & Harvest on September 12. Presented by the Story Inn and World Class Beverages, this event is a beer-lovers dream come true. Featuring libations from several craft and micro-breweries, Hoosier Hops & Harvest is an all-out attempt to wean the Hoosier palate from tried-and-true factory beers.

Motorcycles, Music & More at the 13th Annual Bean Blossom BikerFest, September 8-12

August 28, 2015

Brown County’s rolling hills, scenic switchback roads, and smooth riding have long been a draw for motorcyclists. One of the Midwest’s top destinations for bikers, Brown County provides the perfect atmosphere for two wheel exploring and experiencing the “freedom of the ride” at its best. From peaceful winding roads in the countryside to the quaint Village of Nashville, open roads await in Brown County, a true rider’s retreat. This September Brown County welcomes all bikers, as the Bean Blossom BikerFest returns for a 13th year, September 8-12. Presented by Scootermania Productions, Inc., not only is BikerFest a great opportunity to test out the local terrain, it is also five full days of fun motorcycle mania.

The National Maple Syrup Festival Presents Building a Healthy Maple Sugaring Business

August 27, 2015

The National Maple Syrup Festival will return for a second year to Brown County after a successful start in 2015. Slated for the first weekend in March of 2016, the festival will bring together maple syrup enthusiasts, hobbyists, and producers from across the state and beyond to celebrate all things maple. Even though the National Maple Syrup Festival is still months away, maple madness has already begun in Brown County. On September 12, festival organizers in conjunction with the Indiana Maple Syrup Association, will present Building a Healthy Maple Sugaring Business, a panel to enlighten maple syrup hobbyists, as well as producers, statewide regarding state health regulations, requirements, and stipulations related to maple sugaring.

ArtsRoad 46 Alive with Upcoming Art Festivals

August 14, 2015

Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana is Highway 46. Connecting three distinct communities, Bloomington, Nashville, and Columbus, this winding two-lane highway is home to an abundance of arts. Collectively, the 40-mile stretch of scenic highway flowing between these three designated cultural districts is known as ArtsRoad 46. A haven for stunning arts and architecture, vibrant culture, flavorful cuisine, and breathtaking vistas, ArtsRoad 46 offers a wide variety of opportunities to experience art in all its forms and fashions.

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