What is it?

With art and music at its core, Brown County will officially be adding a 2000-seat performing arts center to its entertainment repertoire.

When will it be open?

Construction is set to take place over the course of the next 12 months, with an anticipated opening date of Summer 2019. 

The Groundbreaking Ceremony took place on Tuesday, July 10th. The event was well attended, thank you to all who participated.

                               Here's what you can expect it to look like...

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Shovels created by members of Art Alliance Brown County, Nancy Crocker, Dixie Ferrer, Heather Nicholson, Patricia Rhoden-Bartels, Thom Robinson, Terri Schultz and Lory Winford. The Alliance fosters opportunities that benefit artists, arts organizations and the larger community. Members are supported in their professional development and in turn give back through exhibits, workshops and events.

Maple Leaf Performing Arts Center  |  200 Maple Leaf Boulevard, Nashville, IN  47448