Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines Alpacas and Specialty Gifts

Call to schedule your visit and get directions, Nashville, IN, 47448


812.988.7419 or 765.490.0789


About Whispering Pines Alpacas and Specialty Gifts



Check Out the NEW Hiker's Sock at our Farm Store, at McCormick's Creek State Park or at Bailey's Bait and Tackle.


Please give us a call (812-988-7419) to arrange for a visit to our ranch and farm store.  Alpacas love children.  They do not spit the way their cousins, the llama do. So, load the family in the car and come for a fun time at the ranch

Whispering Pines is located just outside of Nashville off SR 46 east (about 10 minutes from the center of Nashville).

Calling at least 1 day in advance helps insure you can get your preferred time and date for your visit!

Cost of a farm visit is only $2.50 per person. Special pricing for Groups


Looking for Extreme Alpaca Socks and can't make it to the Farm Store, please visit  The Apple Works, Bailey's Bait and Tackle, Bear Hardware or Rawhide Ranch as they proudly sell socks for us.


 Click here's for a video of alpacas' getting sheared.

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