Story, Indiana

Story, Indiana

Story, Indiana

Story Inn, 6404 South State Road 135, Nashville, IN, 47448


About Story, Indiana

Dr. George Story and his relatives founded "Storyville" in 1851, and later renamed "Story" in 1917. It was the largest community in Brown County through the early 1920's, when land was purchased for the new state park. In 1859-1929, Story supported 2 general stores, a church, a one room school house, a grain mill, a saw hill, a slaughterhouse, a blacksmith's forge and a post office. After the Great Depression, families abandoned their hilly, marginal farms in search of work elsewhere.

Today, the entire town of Story is now home of the Story Inn, a country inn/bed and breakfast that offers fine dining, catering, and lodging. The 2nd floor of the Old General Store has been converted into four cozy guest rooms.

....ever hear about the Blue Lady?  The Story Inn is rumored to be haunted and even has a room dedicated to the Blue Lady herself, the Blue Lady Room.

To read more about the history of Story, Indiana, visit the Story Inn's website.

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