Frigid Rogaine

Frigid Rogaine

Frigid Rogaine

2620 Valley Branch Road, Nashville, IN, 47448



About Frigid Rogaine

Navigate the hills of Brown County during this unique orienteering race! Perfect for beginners, there's also going to be a bonus point format and added night event to keep veteran racers out punching checkpoints until their toes go numb. 

What is a Rogaine? A Rogaine is simply a race in which participants use a map and compass to locate checkpoints (CPs). The goal is to locate the most CPs in the allotted time. Sometimes CPs are assigned a point value according to their difficulty. Then the goal is to get the most points. There is no set course so you are free to choose any route you'd like. If you'd like to give this type of race a try but aren't so sure about the whole navigation thing, you're not alone. With just a little instruction you can be proficient enough to start enjoying not only rogaining, but other navigation based events!


This always takes place in January at eXplore Brown County.

Brown County Indiana: Escape Comes Naturally