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Explore Brown County

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About Explore Brown County Camping Cabins & Camping

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat, home of the Tallest, Longest, Fastest Zip Lines in Brown County! Located in historic, scenic southern Brown County, we offer over 1,000 acres of year-round adventure. Activities include 15 World Class Zip Lines, 80 acres of Paintball, 4Wheel Drive Buggy and ATV Tours, 30 miles of Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails, Rowboats and Canoes to use on our 4 acre fishing lake, and more! Spend the night in camping Cabins or camp around a campfire. Harvest Hall is available for special events and seats up to 250. Cater your event and save the big $$. The outdoor stage is a beautiful setting for a wedding.

HOURS MONDAY THRU SUNDAY 10 TO 6 FOR ACTIVITIES  CLOSED TUESDAYS                                                                                                  


Experience our new 'Arrow Tag' and 'Leap of Faith'activities. XBC now offers team building for both large and small groups

Zip Lines

eXplore Brown County offers 15 world-class zip lines, the Fastest, Longest and Tallest Twin Racing Zip Line in Indiana!  Soar over a mile of cable from heights of 20’ to 70’ through treetops, over hollows and our lake.  The zips incorporate trees and poles, with a mix of both ground and elevated take-offs and landings. The length of the zips range from 80' - 1220' and include tower rappelling, side-by-side zips, scenic tree towers and The Screamer! a ¼ mile 1220' zip, an adventure you won’t soon forget!
There are 6 tours to choose from: eXplorer Tour zips #4-8 | Zip On Tour zips #1-3, 9 & 10 | The Screamer Tour zips #9 & 10, Be A Hero Zip and the two Night Flight Tours. You will begin the adventure with a rugged ride into the dense forest in an all-terrain, 10 wheel drive, Vietnam War Era 2 ½ ton Military Deuce. Bring a group of 8-10 and safari ride 1/2 mile to the top in our Classic 1969 Fire Truck.


Paintball is a game of strategy and marksmanship, a variation of tag where players shoot paint-filled capsules at each other out of a specially-designed air-powered gun/marker. The object of the game is to move through a course without getting tagged or marked by the paint-filled balls. According to American Sports Data, paintball has consistently ranked within the top five extreme sports since 1996.
Paintball is played between teams of widely varying sizes, from 3-on-3 to teams of 50 or more. If you love fun team sports, interactive games in the open air that require good reaction times and perfect strategy (both offensive and defensive) then you’re definitely going to love paintball! Games usually last between 5 to 20 minutes each, and players must wear protective equipment like full-face masks and goggles.

Arrow Tag® Archery Games

Arrow Tag® Archery Games are a blend of dodge ball, paintball, and laser tag, combining the best aspects of these sports while adding the skill of archery. Players use bows and special rubber-tipped arrows, and Arrow Tag® is a year-round activity that everyone can enjoy. Arrow Tag® Archery Games are a low impact option without the bruises of paintball.
The objective of Arrow Tag® is to obtain points by shooting your arrows across the playing field at your opponents. The team with the most hits wins. Family reunions, birthday parties, church groups, clubs, amateur archers and corporations can book 1 to 2 hour-long sessions for up to 20 people or up to 40 people rotating during breaks.
Arrow Tag® Archery Games are games of mock survival. You will indulge in the art of hunting with a bow and arrow as you duck and hide not only to keep from getting hit by an arrow but to tag your opponents. Arrow Tag® Archery Games are a high energy, fast paced adventure where the hunter is also the hunted

ATV Tours

Brown County is home to breathtaking scenery, some of the most rugged trails and hill terrain in Indiana. Our guided ATV and Hill Climb Buggy tours will give both young and old a taste of a new brand of adventure. Our ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and Hill Climb Buggy's are true to their name and will perform great in the snow, mud, water, or on dry ground. ATV and Hill Climb Buggy tours are offered year-round weather permitting. We are land stewards first and there is no charge if XBC chooses not to ride the trails during wet, thaw conditions or high winds.
Our guided ATV and Hill Climb Buggy tours will give both young and old a taste of a new brand of adventure. Our ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and Hill Climb Buggy’s are true to their name and will perform great in the snow, mud, water, or on dry ground. Our 2 seat Buggies are equipped with a roll cage and 4 point harnesses. Briefly switch drivers while XBC Tour Guides recreate Native American and Pioneer history. Scenic landscapes provide the perfect photo op or rent our Helmet Cam for $30 to capture the entire experience.

Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails

Brown County, Indiana was voted one of the greatest areas to ride trails in North America by Bike Magazine in March 2009.  The area offers miles of flowing trails, scenic vistas and amazing terrain making this a world-class destination for mountain biking and quickly becoming a favorite Midwest destination.
eXplore Brown County has over 30 miles of challenging single and double track trails over some of the most rugged terrains in Brown County.  Our trails are slightly rougher with more ups and downs and less flow than the trails at the state park, which makes our trails very fun and challenging.

Fishing Lake

A 4 acre fishing lake is located within walking distance to all of our cabins & campgrounds. Row Boat and Canoe rentals are available for leisure boating and fishing. The lake is stocked with large Bass, Bluegill, Redear, & Catfish. Come visit for a day for catch and release fishing, or stay overnight with us to keep up to 2 fish for cooking over your camp fire.


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