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Eli's Gallery

Eli's Gallery & Framery

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About Eli's Gallery & Framery

 Eli's passion for nature has been shaped by time spent in the desert Southwest, Colorado Rockies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Recurring images, the barren tree and the mountains, "ancient and all-knowing," are significant themes in much of his work. He prefers the image of a tree that has survived many seasons, stark in its outline against the sky. "The mountains and hillsides are where we have found the majority of our historical past. It is here where we find layers and layers of exposed earth filled with skeletons of once-living life forms from millions of years ago. You can call it a portal to the past," Eli says.

Painting now in the hills of Brown County in southern Indiana, Eli favors a cool palette, reflecting his forested surroundings.

Brown County Indiana: Escape Comes Naturally