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Brown County Weddings has been a Southern Indiana favorite for over 15 years.   We have had the honor of working with thousands of couples, and our expertise in planning, organizing and styling events in Southern Indiana is unmatched.  We work with only the best Foodies, Photographers, Videographers, Stylists and Musicians.  These Visionaries in the field, Outside of the box thinkers and Game changers will help create and shape your story of love.  Because at Brown County Weddings, we believe every couple that we meet and work with has a unique, one of a kind story of love.  Our job is to help share your story with your friends and family, so they leave your wedding knowing and loving you more and exclaim "That was the coolest wedding ever!!!"  Don't you want that?  If so, then hire us now, because that is what our 15 years of experience will give you.


Furthermore, we understand budgets.  We get that the wedding industry is "selling" couples the idea that in order to have their perfect day they need to spend, spend, spend.  We put a stop to that notion by putting together packages that will provide you with everything you need, and won't break the bank.  We want you to have your cake and eat it too, and then take a Honeymoon and put a payment down on your first home. Again, 15 years in the biz has taught us a thing or two on how to save a buck and pass that savings on to you.  We are a cohesive, well oiled team that can accomplish amazing events on tiny budgets.  


Working with thousands of couples over the years has also taught us to always be honest with our clients.  It is paramount to who we are and what we do.  If we cannot handle a request or create your event in the perfect way you have detailed, we will tell you.  We will also let you know if any of your ideas are stinkers (think mayo outside all day in June = sick guests) and give you practical suggetions as an alternative.  We are kind, humble creatives who will work our tails off for you.  Our goal is to create a day where you give love and get love and spread love.

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