BC3 Disc Golf

BC3 Disc Golf

BC3 Disc Golf

2381 Country Club Rd, Nashville, IN, 47448




About BC3 Disc Golf

Enjoy the Brown County hills, meadows, and forests at BC3! Bring your friends and/or family to play - or learn to play - disc golf. Disc golf is a fun, outdoor sport where players try throw a flying disc (similar to a frisbee) into a basket.

We're proud to operate BC3 Disc Golf: an all-new, 24-hole championship disc golf course and club in the gorgeous wooded hills of Brown County Indiana. This pay-to-play course is open to the public, and offers annual memberships for frequent players. The course design aims at all player levels and includes 24 holes designed for the most advanced pros, 24 holes designed for more casual players, and a 9-hole beginners loop.

This is a family-oriented sport & facility. Our first visitors were mom, dad, and their two young boys! At BC3 we offer a disc golf course, rental discs, and beginner lessons.

Come out and play!!

Visit our website for more information: http://browncountycountryclub.com/disc-golf.html

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