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Brown County is a perfect destination for people who love hiking and the outdoors.  It is home to the largest (and most beautiful, we like to think) Indiana State Park, the Brown County State Park, as well as Yellowwood State Forest, the Hoosier National Forest, and eXplore Brown County.

Brown County State Park

With nearly 16,000 acres, the Park is full of hiking trails for people at any skill level.  There are easy, moderate, and rugged trails so there is something for everybody.  The trails range from half a mile to 3.5 miles.

- Lodge trail (.9 mile) moderate
- CCC Trail (2 miles) moderate
- Saddle Barn Loop trail (1.25 miles) moderate
- Rally Campground Trail (1.25 miles) moderate
- Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve Trail (.75 miles) rugged
- Strahl Lake Trail (.75 mile) easy/rugged
- Ogle Lake Trail (1.5 miles) moderate
- HHC Trail (3.5 miles) moderate
- Taylor Ridge Trail (3.0/2.75 miles) rugged
- Fire Tower Trail (2.2 miles) rugged
- Friends Trail (short) easy
- Discovery Trail (.5 mile) Moderate
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Yellowwood State Forest

Yellowwood has a number of hiking trails as well as horse trails in it's 23,200 total acres.  The hiking trails range from a third of a mile to 5 miles.  There are 19 miles of horse trails which hikers are also welcomed on.

- Jackson Creek Trail (1.5 miles)
- High King Trail (.5 miles)
- Lake Trail (4.5 mileS)
- Scarce O’ Fat Trail (4 miles)
- Tecumseh Trail (42 miles)
- Resource Management Trail (1.5 miles)
- Multiple horse trails
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eXplore Brown County

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat has over 30 miles of mountain bike trails that are open to hiking as well (single and double track).  These trails are more rugged with ups and downs and less flow, making for a fun challenge.

- Downhill Trails (4 trail routes)
- Expert Trails (10-14 miles)
- Intermediate Trails (10-14 miles)
- Beginner Trails (2-5 miles)
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T.C. Steele State Historic Site

T.C. Steele State Historic Site has 5 short hiking trails. Trail maps are available at the Site.

- Inspiration Ridge (.25 miles)
- Peckerwood Trail (.75 miles)
- Trail of Silences (.5 miles)
- Whippoorwhill Haunt Trail (.75 miles)
- Wildflower Trail (.5 miles)

More Hiking in Brown County...

Hoosier National Forest

Hitz-Rhodehamel Nature Preserve

Knobstone Trail

Tecumseh Trail

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