Fun Facts

Fun Facts

The clown-like cartoon creations of Kin Hubbard can be seen throughout the area. Hubbard's main character, Abe Martin, made his debut on December 17, 1904 in the Indianapolis News. Long known as the "face" of Brown County, Abe appeared in over 300 newspapers and 24 books detailing the country life.

In 1949, the Brown County Playhouse started an exciting theatre tradition in the hills of southern Indiana.

Bluegrass great Bill Monroe made Bean Blossom his home away from home for more than forty years. In June, 1967 he held his first two-day bluegrass festival. It is the world's oldest bluegrass festival.

Since 1983, Peggy Melchior and Heidi Shackelford of the Melchior Marionette Theatre have entertained visitors of all ages from around the world with their hand-crafted,  half life-size cabaret marionettes.

Indiana's greatest contribution to the history of American art was the art colony that began in Brown County in the early 1900's.

Kin Hubbard character, Miss Abigail Ainsley is thought to be a very good gardener, a tradition that continues to this day in Brown County.


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