Fall in Brown County

Fall in Brown County
Fall is one of the most anticipated and busiest times of the year; the leaves paint colorful landscapes across the county. Brown County offers back roads and fall foliage tours, events, outdoor activities, and shopping.

Click here to see the Brown County Leaf Cam!

New Leaves
Have you seen the new leaves in town? Located right in the heart of the village is an unforgettable new leaf sculpture representing "fall leaves, driven skyward by a sudden wind." Perfect for Brown County. This project was completed by Elder Heart, a Veteran organization that does community and private projects to raise awareness for the 22 veteran suicides that occur daily.

New Ways to See the Leaves
There are plenty of ways to see the beautiful fall foliage in Brown County. Some choose to take a scenic drive, others choose to hike or mountain bike, and the adventurous ones will zip line through the trees. New this year are Fall Color Kayak Tours offered by Most High Adventure Outfitters. Have you ventured out to see the leaves via kayak? Enlighten your senses during the tour by completely immersing yourself in nature; see the beautiful leaves and wildlife such as deer, bald eagles, wild turkey and more. Along the way, guides will point out species of trees and wildlife, hills and natural geography, as well as history of the area. Another exciting new way to see the leaves is at eXplore Brown County on their Hill Climb  Buggy Tours!

Travel Tips
Overnight accommodations are limited on the weekends. Traveling during the week is recommended and will provide you with a wider selection of lodging opportunities. The Visitors Center staff is ready to assist you in finding available rooms and things to see and do while you are here. Be sure to go to our blog check out our Insider's Guide to Fall!


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