Fall Season

Fall Season
Fall is one of the most anticipated and busiest times of the year; the leaves paint colorful landscapes across the county.

Brown County is a major destination during this time of year offering back roads tours, events, outdoor activities, shopping and tours. Pumpkin patches and haunted events and activities, such as haunted houses, hayrides, and corn mazes provide some great family time activities.

The Leaf Cam offers visitors a daily view of the vibrant colors. Perched high above one of our magnificent overlooks, it captures the ever changing show of the leaves. Weather plays a major role in the changes each year, so as the weather is never the same, the time of the year the leaves change always varies. Typically the second and third week of October are the peak times, but as early as late September or the early part of November you can still find a wonderful array of color.

Travel Tips
Overnight accommodations are limited on the weekends, traveling during the week is recommended and will provide you with a wider selection of lodging opportunities The Visitors Center staff is ready to assist you with lodging availabilities, live entertainment show times, tour tickets and answer any questions you may have about the area.

How the leaves change color?
Trees are very important, they serve numerous purposes, yet their most important function is taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Chlorophyll is the chemical that makes leaves green, and it's responsible for absorbing sunlight. This makes the energy needed to change carbon dioxide and water into food for the tree. When fall arrives, colder temperatures and longer nights cause the leaves to stop making food, and the chlorophyll disappears. Once the chlorophyll is gone, out come the beautiful colors! After the color change, the leaves die, the stem becomes frail and they fall to the ground...

Did you know you can identify a tree from its leaf colors?

Oaks: red, brown or russet
Hickory: golden bronze
Dogwood: purple-red
Birch: bright yellow
Poplar: golden yellow
Maple trees show a whole range of colors:
    Sugar Maple: orange-red
    Black Maple: glowing yellow
    Red Maple: bright scarlet


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